It is a great honour for us to dress the crew of Gulpener Brouwlokaal in aprons made of recycled denim. We are proud to be part of this unique concept. Especially for Gulpener, we designed a custom made apron with a big pocket on the front. Imagine that you have to cut a pair of jeans from a large piece of denim cloth: you always have leftover fabric. Usually these tiny bits end up in landfills or in a burning oven. At Blue LOOP Originals we love to reuse waste. We collect denim leftover fabric from Italy and unravel them to reclaim the original fibers before we respun them into yarns. From these yarns we have woven new cloth fabric, which we transform into sustainable aprons.

Unlike the aprons, the shirts and dresses are made from worn-out jeans that have been sorted and unravelled in Holland. The reclaimed fibers are respun into recycled yarns in Italy. From these yarns we have woven new cloth that is one of a kind. The cloth has been transformed in comfortable shirts and dresses, which share a resemblance with vintage work wear but with a modern fit and look.