One of our top sellers is the fisherman sweater from Harlingen, a town in the Dutch province of Friesland. The Harlingen features one of the most classic Dutch designs ever. The heritage of this sweater goes back to the 19th century: a real original fisherman knit with lots of history. In collaboration with the Wadden Sea Society we re-launched their original fisherman sweater. The navy sweater celebrates their 50-year anniversary as protector of the island area in the north of the Netherlands. This sweater can be worn year-round with a unique, soft blend of recycled denim, lamb wool and nylon. Given the popularity of the Harlingen fisherman sweater, we have released a new version in 2017, which is more durable because of the higher percentage of recycled material. The Waddensea Sweater is a real addition to your wardrobe with an improved fit and a new mix of yarn with recycled denim, recycled wool, polyamide and silk. The thick knit of the sweater is ideal for a morning stroll in spring, or a cycling tour in autumn. A sweater to be worn proudly: outside on the mudflats or inside in front of the fireplace.